Transportation and Relocation Protection Plan (TRPP)

Please feel free to stop by or call in regards to the Transportation and Relocation Protection Plan (TRPP) that MASA Global offers. We can sign you up here for the TRPP, if you have or at the time you are making your pre-arrangements here at CHMG.

*Please see information about MASA Global TRPP list below:

MASA TRS is a business division of MASA Global that offers our Transportation & Relocation Protection Plan (TRPP) to the preneed funeral industry. TRPP is a funeral industry benefit that provides transportation coverage and complete peace of mind for consumers when they are more than 75 miles from their home or they have relocated/moved from their legal residence. TRPP coverage is guaranteed through MASA of Florida, a preneed, limited health service organization plan regulated under Chapter 636 of the Florida Insurance laws.

Providing COMPLETE coverage and TOTAL peace of mind.

TRPP Benefits

Return of mortal remains when you are 75 miles or more away from your legal residence

Help find local, licensed funeral home or Mortuary to care for the deceased

Arranging for the preparation of the deceased for transport including embalming and cremation

Close involvement with a selected, licensed receiving funeral home or Mortuary to make sure your wishes are fulfilled

Arranging for the transportation of the deceased to the selected licensed funeral home or Mortuary

All documents including customs documents or diplomatic issues involved anywhere in the world

Rigorous management of all cases to ensure the highest quality of services

Set procedures for the time of need so there will be no added stress due to any uncertainty about what to do

Access to trends, recommendations, or warnings regarding travel

The Necessity of MASA TRS in the Preneed Industry

Because consumers today are traveling and relocating more, TRPP was designed to meet the preneed industry’s demand for portability of their prepaid service coverage. MASA TRS will return mortal remains when 75 miles or more away from the legal residential home or arrange transportation of the deceased to the selected licensed funeral home or Mortuary.

*Thank you MASA for coming out with this wonderful protection plan (TRPP) for piece of mind while traveling .